Cyber ​​cell was able to get back only 6.3 percent amount, if you want to avoid cheating, keep these things in mind:

Cyber ​​Crime In Uttarakhand The graph of cyber crime in Uttarakhand has increased rapidly in the last few years. In view of this, cyber cell has been constituted in the police department in every district of the state. The purpose behind this is to get back their hard earned money to the victims of cyber fraud. Also, the investigation of such cases can be done faster, so that cyber criminals can be stopped. However, the cyber cell in Dehradun district did not fulfill the purpose. We are not saying this, but the figures themselves are telling.
According to the data received from the police, since January this year, 150 cases of cyber fraud have been registered in various police stations (except cyber police stations) of the district. In these cases, cyber thugs of Rs. one crore 64 lakh 83 thousand imposed on the residents of Doon. The cyber cell of the police has been able to get only 10 lakh 38 thousand rupees i.e. 6.3 percent money back to the victims.
Police station does not take interest in taking action against cyber criminals

One CO, one inspector, two sub-inspectors and five constables are posted in the cyber cell in Doon. After investigation from here, the case is transferred to the concerned police station, but the police station does not show interest in cyber crime cases. Because of this, cyber thugs are not arrested. Cyber ​​Cell has created a dashboard at the local level. In this, along with the team of SAIL, the station heads have also been added. In the dashboard, the number of cyber cases, police station area, pending cases and other information are shared.
Lack of awareness is also a reason

Police and banks are constantly making the public aware through various mediums that in case of cyber fraud, complaint should be made immediately. Cyber ​​Cell’s CO Narendra Pant said that despite this, in most of the cases, the victim comes with a complaint when the thug has withdrawn the amount. This makes it difficult to recover the cheated money. He said that the cyber cell is in constant touch with all the banks and wallets. After the case of cyber fraud comes to light, it is ascertained in which bank or wallet account the money has gone. After this, the account is sealed by sending mail to the concerned bank or wallet, so that the accused cannot withdraw the money.
There is no separate training system

On the one hand, cyber criminals are constantly using new technology to cheat. On the other hand, the police officers and employees posted in cyber cells in different districts in the state do not even have separate training to deal with cyber criminals. Training is given from time to time by the Government of India.

Complaint of cyber fraud or economic crime on 155260
The helpline number for registering a complaint of cyber fraud and economic crime in the district is 155260. To register a complaint through this, the victim first has to call the helpline and report the incident. The information is immediately recorded by the E-Suraksha Chakra Control Room on the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRP) of the Ministry of Home Affairs. After this a link is sent to the victim from the Ministry of Home Affairs through SMS. The victim has to register his complaint on the NCRP portal within 24 hours by clicking on this link. After this the complaint is received by the concerned police station.
How to avoid cyber fraud

Do not find the customer care number of any company or bank on Google or other search engines. For this, visit the official website of the concerned company or bank.

Do not share your wallet or bank account information with anyone.

Do not blindly trust the other party while buying or selling goods on the online platform. Pay only after physically viewing the Goods and meeting the Buyer in person.
Do not get lured by seeing advertisements for buying goods at low prices on any social site. Buy goods online only from trusted sites. It is better to use cash on delivery option while ordering goods.

Do not download remote access apps like Any Desk, Quick Support etc. or click on any links under the guise of any unknown person.

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