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Congress slammed Indian government on its foreign policy

The Congress on Thursday claimed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has diminished the country’s foreign policy to a sheer photo opportunity due to which India is no longer at the “deciding table” on major issues.

Congress spokesperson Supriya Shrinate exclaimed that they hope PM Modi will raise issues of interest to India and its citizens at his current US visit.
As per her words, “Under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India’s foreign policy has been reduced to a mere photo opportunity and which is why India which was at the deciding table on every major issue.”

“When the Prime Minister travels abroad, he represents the entire country and not the BJP of which he is the leader, and he should help in raising India’s head globally. Foreign policy is not just about embracing. Diplomacy or foreign policy is all about keeping India’s interests on high priority. But, be it Afghanistan, Russia, China or America, talks are not held while keeping India’s interests in the forefront.” She spoke further.

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