Dehradun Uttarakhand

Congress performance in Selakui against inflation and unemployment:

Congress demonstrated with LPG cylinders in Selakui market against the state government over inflation, corruption and unemployment. The Congress said that in the name of providing employment to the unemployed, the ministers of the BJP government are busy fitting their people.
In Selakui Nagar market, Congress workers protested against the central government and the state government and burnt the effigy of the state government. Congress workers, led by Congress President Amit Panwar, gathered at the Shiv Mandir, from where the Congress workers took out a procession with LPG cylinders and demonstrated in the main market, raising slogans. Block President Megh Singh said that inflation is at its peak during the BJP tenure. During the tenure of Congress, four hundred rupees cylinder has reached one thousand rupees. The price of petrol has crossed one hundred rupees and that of diesel ninety rupees. The price of edible oil of seventy rupees per kg has now reached two hundred rupees. The general public is not getting any relief. City President Amit Panwar said that the prices of fertilizer seeds are increasing. In the name of employment to the unemployed in Uttarakhand Open University, the minister has made his faces fit. While the unemployed of the state are wandering from door to door for employment. The BJP government did not do any work in the state for four years. Only worked to change the chief minister. The protesters included Akhilesh Gupta, Deepak Dhiman, Ashok Negi, Arshad Khan, Nikhil Jaiswal, Manish, Shivam Jaiswal, Ramakant, Sanjay Upadhyay, Harish Bisht, Chandra Bisht, Babu Singh Dhiman, Deepak Dhiman, Roshanlal, Amit Negi, Dhirendra Singh Bisht, Narendra Singh Bisht etc.

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