Congress barbed Haryana Chief Minister’s Talk Of “Armed Groups”

Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar, whose government has landed in multiple controversies over the use of force on protesting farmers, has been accused by the opposition Congress publicly for advocating strong-arm tactics.

A recent circulating video on social media shows Mr. Khattar speaking of raising volunteer groups, which, he said, can administer “tit for tat” treatment. This is criticized publicly by the opposition.

Meanwhile, this accusation is strongly denied by the chief minister’s office. The Chief Minister’s Office said the statement has been “spread after cutting it in half”.

As per the statement of the CM office, “If you watch this full video, you will understand what he said. During an internal meeting of BJP workers, the Chief Minister has talked about the workers being in discipline and strongly opposed to any wrongdoing. The Chief Minister said that work has to be done with zeal, keeping consciousness and discipline”.

As CM Mr. Khattar was seen saying in the video, “There are some new farm groups which have emerged recently. We have to support them. In the north and west Haryana, farmers should raise armed groups… Raise volunteer groups of 500-700-1000 people and pick up sticks and then follow a ‘tit for tat’ policy… Don’t bother about the consequences and if you go behind the bars for this then don’t worry about getting bail. You will come out a big leader.”

Meanwhile, the immediate response from Congress’s Randeep Surjewala states,” Your guru mantra of instigating BJP supporters to attack the protesting farmers with sticks, go to jail and then make them leaders will never be successful. This call to spread anarchy at an open programme by taking oath of the constitution is treason. It appears that Modi-Nadda ji are in agreement.”

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