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Clashes again in DAV College, police chased away student groups:

The war between ABVP and independent factions in DAV PG College is not taking its name to stop. On Wednesday also, the student groups of both clashed with each other. During this there was a lot of abuse. However, the police pushed the leaders of both the sides out of the college itself. Later, outside the gate, ABVP raised slogans against cabinet minister Ganesh Joshi. On the other hand, independent factions raised slogans against ABVP.

Tension continued between student groups in DAV on Wednesday as well. Many big leaders from ABVP and other factions reached the college on Wednesday. After this, crowds started gathering from both sides in his support there. Within no time hundreds of students gathered on the campus. After this an atmosphere of quarrel arose between the two.
The two factions came face to face. But, before the assault came, the police and the college administration, showing readiness, drove out all the student leaders. Coming outside the gate, ABVP workers raised slogans against cabinet minister Ganesh Joshi. Another group raised slogans against ABVP. Later, the matter was somehow settled. In view of this controversy, the college administration has demanded from the police to increase patrolling and deploy PAC.

All the work including paper is going on in DAV. All the students are coming for some work or the other. As such, they cannot be stopped. As far as the dispute is concerned, it is a mutual dispute between them. There is no college related subject in this. Along with increasing the patrolling of the Proctorial Board, we have also demanded from the police to increase patrolling and deploy PACs.

-Doctor. Ajay Saxena, Principal-DAV

Both the factions are associated with the ruling party

Both the student factions in DAV College are in conflict with the ruling party. ABVP is an organization of BJP. The other faction is the rebels of ABVP. He has good relations with almost all the ministers and MLAs. Due to this, his admission in the college and no strict action from the police side is being taken against anyone. The college administration is unable to stop their entry in DAV.

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