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Blackstone CEO stated India as the best market for world’s investment

As per the latest reports from sources, PM Narendra Modi had a productive meeting with Blackstone’s chief executive officer (CEO) Stephen Schwarzman as per his quest for potential investment in India.

As per the sources, Prime Minister Modi said that there is huge scope for further expansion of Blackstone’s partnership in India and elaborated on the reforms done in India. PM Modi specifically spoke about Asset Monetisation and Bad Bank.

According to the reports, Schwarzman said that he is very optimistic about India’s potential and added that it is one of the fastest-growing countries in the world. He also appreciated the reforms undertaken by India.

In his talks with reporters, Schwarzman told ,”India’s been Blackstone’s best market for investment in the world. It is the fastest-growing country in the world now. So we are very optimistic, and we are proud of what we have done in India.”

Blackstone CEO applauded Prime Minister Modi’s government, he further spoke, “This is a very friendly government for outsiders, they’re reform-oriented and objective. I would give them an extremely high grade as being good partners for people who like to bring capital into the country to create jobs.”

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