BJP workers held a public meeting, said- Get MLA Umesh Kau out of the party:

On the one hand, on Sunday, BJP got Congress MLA Rajkumar included in the party, and on the other hand, in Dehradun district, there was a ruckus inside the BJP on the road. In the Raipur Assembly, the workers held a meeting and demanded that their MLA Umesh Sharma Kau should be shown the way out of the party.

On Sunday, the atmosphere remained hot in Uttarakhand BJP from Delhi to Dehradun. In the Raipur seat of Dehradun district, the activists who were angry with MLA Umesh Sharma Kau held a public meeting. This public meeting was held in Maldevta of Raipur. In the public meeting, the demand was raised not to give ticket to MLA Umesh Sharma this time and to show him the way out of the party.

In fact, on September 4, in the Raipur Assembly, MLA Kau clashed with a member of a district panchayat belonging to the party in the presence of cabinet minister Dhan Singh. A video of this fight went viral, in which it is being said that the cow is living in a position. In the same video, he is also getting angry on Minister Dhan Singh Rawat that why did you bring these people of the party. If you have brought, then do the program yourself. This video caused a lot of trouble for the party.
Madan Singh Chouhan, President of Uttarakhand Divine Disaster Management Committee, former Mandal President, BJP Kalam Singh Chouhan, Kshetra Panchayat member Balam Singh Chouhan, District Panchayat member Veer Singh Chouhan, say that such behavior of MLA with public representatives is not appropriate. . He says that such MLA should be thrown out of the party immediately. He said that if the party does not do this, then the people of the area will take their decision.

Cau has come till Delhi, no decision has been taken
MLA Umesh Sharma Kau, who left Congress and joined BJP in 2016, feels that a section of the party is unable to accommodate him. Kau says that a section has been continuously working against him. After the video went viral, MLA Kau came to Delhi. The matter has not been decided yet, but party workers are pressurizing for action. MLA Umesh Sharma says that this is a matter of the party. I have given my point, the rest of the party organization has to be seen. However, he also says that in the public meeting being held against him, more people are from other assembly.
There is a mutual ruckus in Raipur assembly seat

This ruckus in Raipur assembly seat is more between rebel and original BJP workers than between Tu-Tu Main-Main. Which has also increased the concern of the party. The concern is that if this ruckus, which started just before the assembly elections, catches fire, then this scene can be seen in other seats as well. Many rebels who left the Congress in 2016 are ministers in the BJP government.

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