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Big action against smack smugglers by Uttarkashi police

Two smugglers were arrested with 200 grams of smack

The price of Smack in the international market is around Rs 20-25 lakh.

The police team was given a cash prize of Rs 5000/ by DIG Garhwal and Rs 2500/ by SP Uttarkashi:

As soon as the newly appointed Superintendent of Police of Uttarkashi district, Shri PK Rai (IPS) took over the command of the district, drug eradication was said to be his main priority, in order to root out the illegal business of drugs, to crack down on their illegal drug dealers. All the CO, SHO, and SOG were made active by giving necessary guidelines, proper instructions were given to all to implement the drug-free Uttarkashi campaign being run earlier for a more effective, drug-free Uttarkashi campaign. Making effective, under the supervision of Shri Hiralal Bijalwan, Superintendent of Police Uttarkashi, Inspector-in-Charge, Kotwali Uttarkashi and in-charge SOG A joint team of Kotwali Uttarkashi and SOG was formed by Uttarkashi to take effective action against those who smuggle and sell illegal drugs and drugs under the police station area. Aman Kumar and Niyaz, 02 smack smugglers coming from Dharasu band in the night of 25.12.2021 by the team while weaving the net, were arrested while transporting illegal smack from Mos. HR 75B 9925 (Apachi) near Devadhir Shanidev temple. 100-100 grams (total 200 grams) of illegal smack was recovered from the possession of both.

On the basis of arrest and recovery, a case was registered against the above two accused at Kotwali Uttarkashi under Section 8/21/60 NDPS ACT. The accused will be produced before the Hon’ble Court today.

In the interrogation, it was told by the accused that “Yudhisthara son Yashpal resident of village Dhandera police station civil line, Roorkee district is taking him to Uttarkashi via Smack Dehradun. Yudhishthar was going to tell us this after reaching Uttarkashi to whom to give this smack in Uttarkashi. Accused Aman Kumar works in Telecom Company (Rightway) since the year 2016. I keep coming to Haridwar, Roorkee to get that smack. When accused Niyaz was questioned, he told that there are total 09 members in my family. I work as a carpenter in front of Roorkee Margaj from Samim Ustad for about 5 years.

Note- Evidence will be collected in relation to the involvement of Yudhishthira son Shri Yashpal resident of village Dandhera Kotwali, Roorkee, Haridwar, on the basis of interrogation of the accused. Accordingly, legal action will be taken. On getting information, it came to know that Yudhishthira police station Kotwali is a history sheeter of Civil Line Roorkee. Against this, 39 cases have been registered in Kotwali Roorkee.

Name Address Accused :
1- Aman Kumar, son of Rameshwar, resident of M. No. 154 village, Jhapur, Po. Khanpur Teh/ Thana Indri District Karnal, Haryana, age 27 years
2- Niyaz son Liaquat resident Dhandera Madina Masjid near Idgah Kotwali Civil Line Roorkee, Haridwar, age 23 years.

Seized goods: 200 grams of illegal smack, a total of 20 to 25 lakh rupees in the international market and a motorcycle number- HR 75B-9925

Appreciating the police team for the recovery and arrest, Mr. Karan Singh Nagyal, Deputy Inspector General of Police, Garhwal Zone, Uttarakhand gave a cash prize of Rs. 5000/ to the team for encouragement and Rs. 2500/- to the team by Superintendent of Police, Uttarkashi, Mr. PK Rai.


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