Auction of Coal Mines

Auction of coal blocks is a continuous process. As per the prescribed procedure, companies may apply as and when Notice Inviting Application/Notice Inviting Tender is published by the Nominated Authority/Ministry of Coal. Applications, if any, are considered as per the norms specified.

To achieve 1 BT coal production by FY 2024-25, the progress made so far by Coal India Ltd. (CIL) since April’ 2020 to June’ 2022 is as follows:

53 project reports including greenfield and expansion projects have been approved by CIL & its subsidiaries to create additional capacity of coal production. These projects will add additional capacity of about 278 Mty (million ton/ year) and projected to contribute additional production of about 102 Mt by FY 24-25.

Environmental Clearance granted for 60 proposals with an incremental capacity of 104.86 Mty.

Stage-I Forest Clearance granted for 09 proposals involving 934.96 Ha of forest land.

Stage-II Forest Clearance granted for 14 proposals involving 2580.68 Ha of forest land.

6966.87 Ha of land have been possessed.

06 First Mile Connectivity Projects of CHP/SILO have been commissioned with aggregate capacity of 82 Mty.

04 Rail Connectivity projects have been commissioned and 1 Rail Siding have been commissioned.

Rail Projects – Kharsia- Dharamjaigarh rail line of 87 Kms (CERL Ph-I) in Chhattisgarh has been commissioned, Lingaraj SILO to Deulbeda rail connectivity of 4.4 Km has been commissioned, Work of tripling of Tori- Shivpur rail link in Jharkhand started and Doubling of Jharsuguda- Barpali- Sardega rail link in Odisha started.

Work awarded for 06 MDO Projects with aggregate capacity of 96.74 Mty.

Details of coal mines Auctioned by Nominated Authority whose allocation is in force presently is given below:-


S. No. Name of Coal Mine State Successful Bidder / Allottee End Use Vesting order/ Allotment order date
1 Chotia Chhattisgarh Bharat Aluminium Company Ltd. NRS 23-03-2015
2 Gare Palma IV/4 Chhattisgarh Hindalco Industries Ltd. NRS 23-03-2015
3 Gare Palma IV/5 Chhattisgarh Hindalco Industries Ltd. NRS 23-03-2015
4 Kathautia Jharkhand Hindalco Industries Ltd. NRS 23-03-2015
5 Amelia North Madhya Pradesh(M.P.) Jaiprakash Power Ventures Ltd. Power 23-03-2015
6 Bicharpur M.P. UltraTech Cement Ltd. NRS 23-03-2015
7 Sial Ghoghri M.P. Reliance Cement Company Private Ltd. NRS 23-03-2015
8 Belgaon Maharashtra Sunflag Iron and Steel Company Ltd. NRS 23-03-2015
9 Talabira‐I* Odisha GMR Chhattisgarh Energy Ltd. Power 23-03-2015
10 Sarisatolli West Bengal CESC Ltd. Power 23-03-2015
11 Trans Damodar West Bengal The Durgapur Projects Ltd. Power 23-03-2015
12 Marki Mangli III Maharashtra B.S. Ispat Ltd. NRS 17-04-2015
13 Gare Palma Sector IV/8 Chhattisgarh Ambuja Cements Ltd. NRS 22-04-2015
14 Dumri Jharkhand Hindalco Industries Ltd. NRS 22-04-2015
15 Ganeshpur* Jharkhand GMR Chhattisgarh Energy Ltd. Power 22-04-2015
16 Lohari Jharkhand Araanya Mines Private Ltd. NRS 22-04-2015
17 Meral Jharkhand Trimula Industries Ltd. NRS 22-04-2015
18 Moitra Jharkhand JSW Steel Ltd. NRS 22-04-2015
19 Nerad Malegaon Maharashtra Indrajit Power Private Ltd NRS 22-04-2015
20 Marki Mangli-I Maharashtra Topworth Urja and Metals Ltd. NRS 30-09-2015
21 Ardhagram* West Bengal OCL Iron and Steel Ltd.* NRS 14-07-2016
22 Bikram M.P. Birla Corp. Ltd. NRS 10-02-2020
23 Brahampuri M.P. Birla Corp. Ltd. NRS 10-02-2020
24 Jamkhani Odisha Vedanta Ltd. NRS 10-02-2020
25 Jaganathpur B West Bengal Powerplus Traders Pvt. Ltd. NRS 13-02-2020
26 Brahmdiha Jharkhand APMDCL Sale of Coal 02-03-2021
27 Rajhara North (Central & Eastern) Jharkhand Fairmine Carbons Private Ltd. -do- 03-03-2021
28 UrmaPaharitola Jharkhand Aurobindo Reality And Infrastructure Private Ltd. -do- 03-03-2021
29 Chakla Jharkhand Hindalco Industries Ltd. -do- 03-03-2021
30 Urtan North M.P. JMS Mining Private Ltd. -do- 03-03-2021
31 Sahapur West M.P. Sarda Energy And Minerals Ltd. -do- 03-03-2021
32 Sahapur East M.P. Chowgule And Company Private Ltd. -do- 03-03-2021
33 Urtan M.P. JMS Mining Private Ltd. -do- 03-03-2021
34 Dhirauli M.P. Stratatech Mineral Resources Private Ltd. -do- 03-03-2021
35 Bandha M.P. EMIL Mines And Mineral Resources Ltd. -do- 03-03-2021
36 Marki Mangli-II Maharashtra Yazdani International Private Ltd. -do- 03-03-2021
37 Takli-Jena-Bellora (North) & Takli-Jena-Bellora (South) Maharashtra Aurobindo Reality And Infrastructure Private Ltd. -do- 03-03-2021
38 Radhikapur East Odisha EMIL Mines and Mineral Resources Ltd. -do- 03-03-2021


39 Radhikapur West Odisha Vedanta Ltd. -do- 03-03-2021
40 Gare Palma IV/7 Chhattisgarh Sarda Energy and Minerals Ltd. -do- 08-03-2021
41 Gare Palma IV/1 Chhattisgarh Jindal Power Ltd. -do- 08-03-2021
42 Gondulpara Jharkhand Adani Enterprises Ltd. -do- 08-03-2021
43 Kuraloi (A) North Odisha Vedanta Ltd. -do- 03-09-2021
44 Bhaskarpara Chhattisgarh Prakash Industries Ltd. -do- 18-11-2021
45 Jhigador Chhattisgarh CG Natural Resources Private Ltd. -do- 18-11-2021
46 Khargaon Chhattisgarh CG Natural Resources Private Ltd. -do- 18-11-2021
47 Jogeshwar & Khas Jogeswar Jharkhand South West Pinnacle Exploration Ltd. -do- 18-11-2021
48 Rauta Closed Jharkhand Shreesatya Mine Private Ltd. -do- 18-11-2021
49-50 Gotitoria (East) & (West) M.P. Boulder Stone Mart Pvt. Ltd. -do- 18-11-2021
51 Gondkhari Maharashtra Adani Power Maharashtra Ltd. -do- 18-11-2021
52 Bhivkund Maharashtra Sunflag Iron and Steel Company Ltd. -do- 18-11-2021


This information was given by the Union Minister of Coal, Mines and Parliamentary Affairs Shri Pralhad Joshi in a written reply in Lok Sabha today.

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