Alumni of Ordnance Factory School will celebrate Unique Teacher’s Day:

The former students have taken the initiative to increase the declining student numbers in the Ordnance Factory School. On September 5, on Teachers’ Day, they are going to organize a program regarding this.

In the Press Club on Friday, the alumni told that this time the historic Teacher’s Day is being celebrated. Alumni pass out from the school from 1960 to 2020 will participate in it. Will come from all over the country to pay respect to our former school and teachers. The General Manager and District Magistrate of Ordnance Factory Dehradun will be the chief guest. A group has been formed for everyone and we are organizing this program with mutual cooperation. This will not only help in saving the school from closure, but will also increase the love and respect for our school and teachers in the coming generations. Alumni Arif Khan, Padmini Mehra, Pushpa Thapliyal Badoni, Radha Bisht, Maninder Sahi, Kavindra Semwal, Namit Parashar, Ajay Thapa, Anoop Bhatt, Rakesh Budhori etc. were present on this occasion.

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