Afghanistan Minister is delivering Pizza at Germany:

Syed Ahmed Shah Sadat, who took over as the Pastor of Interchanges in the Public authority of Afghanistan, is conveying food from one way to another of individuals in Germany today. A couple of days subsequent to leaving the country, his terrible occasions began, because of which he needed to accept this position. Syed Ahmed Shah Sadat, when the Pastor of Correspondences of Afghanistan, is carrying on with life like a conventional specialist in Germany. Sadat, the previous interchanges priest of Afghanistan, is functioning as a food conveyance kid in the German city of Leipzig. This data has been given in the report of the Leipziger Volkszeitung paper. The report expresses that he is getting by conveying pizza and other food in Germany. Pizza conveyance runs the expense.

Sadat was a pastor in the Afghan government until 2018. Last year he resigned and moved to Germany. Here he carried on with a decent life for a couple of days, yet when the cash ran out, issues began. As of now, Saadat fills in as a pizza conveyance kid and that is the thing that makes up his costs. He meanders in the city on his bike and conveys food from one way to another individuals. The priest needs to concentrate further.

Later on, Saadat needs to work in Telekom, the biggest broadcast communications organization in Europe. As indicated by the report, the previous clergyman says, ‘At present I am driving an exceptionally straightforward life. I have a sense of security in Germany. I’m glad to be with my family in Leipzig. I need to set aside cash and do German course and study further. He said, ‘I went after many positions yet no reaction came. My fantasy is to work in a German telecom organization.

Will not remark on Taliban

Afghanistan’s previous correspondences serve holds two graduate degrees from Oxford College, one in electronic designing and the other in interchanges. Sadat has worked in excess of 20 correspondence related fields in 13 nations. He has 23 years of involvement working in the field of correspondence.

As indicated by reports, he had gone there to help on correspondence related issues in Afghanistan however had surrendered because of contrasts with Ashraf Ghani. Sadat declined to remark on the current circumstance in Afghanistan, saying he dreaded the fall of the Ghani government.

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