Dehradun Uttarakhand

A cyber thug told himself to be an SBI officer, cheated 64 thousand rupees from two friends:

Cyber ​​thugs are adopting different avenues to carry out the incidents of fraud. A cyber thug, pretending to be an SBI officer, cheated 64 thousand rupees from two friends simultaneously. Rakesh Singh, a resident of Anarwala Cantt, Dehradun, has lodged a complaint with the cyber police station that on September 4, he took the customer care number from the internet to get information about YONO SBI. On contacting the number, the person, pretending to be an SBI officer, asked Rakesh Singh for the account number and registered mobile number. After this, the vicious asked for the PIN of UPI. Vicious told Rakesh that an SMS would come in the mobile, which the thug ordered on another number. Then Vicious said that a witness is needed to verify. Rakesh Singh made his friend talk.
The thug asked Rakesh’s friend about running YONO SBI and took UPI PIN and registered mobile number and asked to send SMS. Both the friends sent SMS, after which 64 thousand rupees were deducted from the account of Rakesh and his friend. In this case, Cantt Kotwali Police has registered a case against unknown.
Arrested for threatening minor after chasing

The Clementtown police station has arrested the one who chased the minor and threatened him on the phone. On September 12, a woman from the area had given a complaint that a young man named Amir was continuously following her daughter. The accused has also taken the mobile number of the minor from somewhere, on which the accused is abusing and threatening. On Monday, the police arrested the accused Aamir Pathan resident Ogalbhatta from Turner Road.
thief blew cash from shop

An unknown person stole mutton-chicken, cash, bank documents and tools from the chicken shop located in Nalapani. Raipur police station has registered a case against unknown. The complainant Mahendra Kumar told that there is a chicken curse in his Nalapani. On Saturday night, 60 thousand rupees, frozen chicken mutton, bank passbook, check book, RD and other documents were stolen by breaking the locks of the shop.

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