4 year old girl reborn! The story told in the last birth turned out to be absolutely true

Udaipur: You must have heard stories of rebirth in religious beliefs, fictional stories or TV serials. People can have different beliefs about whether reincarnation takes place or not. But in Udaipur, Rajasthan, such a story of reincarnation has come to the fore which has turned out to be absolutely true. Hearing this story like the script of a novel or a film, whoever investigated it, was astonished.
Unique story of Rajsamand
According to media reports, the claims made by a 4-year-old girl about her reincarnation in Rajsamand are shocking. Her parents, all the relatives and all the villagers were astonished by the words of the innocent girl. Actually, the things and anecdotes told by this girl about her previous birth have turned out to be absolutely true. When and how she died in her first life, the girl tells all this.
Remembered the story of the past life
Ratan Singh Chundawat, who lives in Parawal village adjacent to Nathdwara, has 5 daughters. For the past one year, her youngest daughter, 4-year-old Kinjal, was repeatedly talking about meeting her brother. At first no one in the family paid attention to her.
When Kinjal's mother Durga asked her to call her father two months ago, she said, Papa is in Piplantri. Piplantri is the same village where a woman named Usha died of burns. About 30 km away from the present village of Parawal in Kinjal. The girl said that her name is Usha.
Claim- She died 9 years ago by burning
Now Kinjal's mother nodded. The mother first heard the story of his reincarnation. Then when the whole family asked the girl different questions and answers about the village of Piplantri, the whole family was stunned by her words. On being asked by the girl's mother, Durga, Kinjal tells that the entire family, including her parents and brother, lives in Piplantri. She got burnt 9 years ago. She died in this accident and the ambulance left her to this place.
Her father was stunned
When Durga told this to the girl's father Ratan Singh, he took her to many places including the temple after listening to the claims of the girl. Even after showing Kinjal to the doctors, no problem or disease was found in her. She was normal and healthy. She just kept on trying to meet the family of her first birth again and again. Kinjal also said that there are two siblings in her family. Dad drives a tractor. Her maternal home is in Peeplantri and her in-laws' house is in Odan.
When the brother of the previous birth came, she started crying as soon as she saw him.
The story of four-year-old Kinjal reached the neighboring villages like a forest fire. After this, when Pankaj of Peeplantri village heard this story, he himself came to Parawal. Pankaj is the brother of Usha. It was the same Usha who died at the exact time the child had told. Pankaj told that as soon as he saw the girl, Kinjal's happiness knew no bounds. When the photo of mother and Usha was shown in the phone, she started crying bitterly. Finally, on January 14, Kinjal reached Piplantri with her family including her mother and grandfather.
Each & every thing turned out to be true
Usha's mother Geeta Paliwal told that when Kinjal came to our village, it seemed as if she had been living here for years. Talked to women she knew earlier. Even about the flowers that Usha liked, Kinjal asked where is that flower now. Then we told that they were removed 7-8 years ago. Talked to both the younger daughters and sons too. Geeta told that her daughter Usha got scorched by the gas stove while working in the house in 2013. Usha also has two children.
A new relationship started between both the families
After this incident, a new relationship started between the family of today's Kinjal and Usha of previous birth. Kinjal talks to the family members of the previous birth on the phone every day. At the same time, Usha's mother says, 'We also feel as if we are talking to Usha only. Usha also used to talk like this in childhood. Usha's relatives have also started considering her as their own.

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