10 fitness Mantra for fit and healthy lifestyle

1 Make yourself motivated and keep your body active for a Perfect /Great Workout Today

You’re not going to feel motivated or energized to work out every day. It’s just not possible as a human being. Some days your body will need the rest. But, if it’s your mind telling you to poop out on your workout plans, show yourself some grace and try your best to get in some exercise anyway.

2 My Body is precious and Want to give it what it needs

It’s so important to remember that exercising is an act of self-love. The more of it you have for yourself, the more likely you are to stick to your goals. Our bodies naturally want to move, so show yourself some love by working up a sweat!

3 All I Need is to outset, the ease will come

This is one of our go-to fitness mantras on days where you may feel like blowing your workout off. But, keep in mind that the hardest part is to be outset for the workout. Just focus on starting and let your mind catch up with your body.

4 Seek for Progress, Not Perfection

It’s simply inhuman to be perfect and trying to reach perfection is totally motivating. Only think about all the progress you’ve made, sooner you’ll reach to the perfection.

5 Do it for yourself. Get up and sweat it out.

There’s nothing more motivating than feeling like you are the reason for your goals. Knowing you always have your own back and are rooting for yourself is more powerful than you realize.

6 Maintain Positivity.

Our mind can be our biggest frenemy. It thinks it’s doing us a favor, but sometimes our thoughts come out of habit to try and stand in our way.
Feed your brain with this positive fitness mantra, and it’ll start to learn it’s not always the boss of you.

7 I Find fitness is for my well-being

Exercise is not comfortable by nature, and that’s why we love it! To build strength, you’re going to need to strap on your big girl/boy kits and push yourself out of your comfort zone.

8 The Amazing feel after the workout

The yummy, healthy meal that comes after a workout are seriously the best. Focusing on the end result can be super powerful if being present in your workout is more difficult.

9 I Can Trust Myself Because I Follow Through With My Commitments

Kick your subconscious self-doubting thoughts to the curb! This fitness mantra will help rewire your brain so you can start reaching the goals you crave.

10 I’ve earn this!

Sometimes you just need a quick reminder that you are capable of whatever you put your mind to earn the healthy and fit body.

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